If  you enjoy training or mentoring others…

If you want to develop additional streams of income…

If  you want to make a quality difference in your local marketplace and the industry…

…then you should join the Masters TEAM!

Steps to becoming a TEAM Master:
1. Meet the requirements
2. Submit Application & Fee
3. Join TEAM
4. Complete the Train-the-Trainer course
5. Start

• Earn Extra Income
• Improve Quality in Your Marketplace
• Recruit New Talent for Your Company
• Share Your Expertise

Masters TEAM Application Fee:            

  • $150


  • 5+ Years Experience in the Field
  • State License in Good Standing, or
  • National Certification in Good Standing
  • At least 1000 jobs performed
  • *Complete our Train-the-Trainer Course
  • Become a T.E.A.M. Member


* Those accepted into the program have 90 days to meet this requirement.