Chapter 1 Overview Copy

This chapter gives an introduction to the history of radon including research, case studies, and its effects on human health.

Chapter Outline

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Radon & Health Risk
    • Introduction to Radon
      • History of Radon
      • Sources of Natural Radiation
      • The Discovery of Radioactivity & How to Measure It
      • The Discovery of Radium & Polonium
    • Radon Research
      • Miner Studies 
      • Animal Studies
      • Residential Studies
    • Health Effects of Radon
      • Carcinogenic Health Effects
      • Risk Estimates
      • Radiation Exposure and Sources
      • Radon Risk by Occupation
      • The Tobacco Correlation
      • EPA Citizens Guide
    • Ethics
      • Protecting Consumer Trust
      • Communicating Responsibly
      • Minimum Standards vs Best Practices

Chapter Learning Objectives

  • Define the number of deaths per year attributed to radon-induced lung cancer.
  • Explain the DNA effects of ionizing radiation.
  • Identify three primary sources for the scientific basis of radon risk estimates.
  • Cite the most definitive report of scientific data on indoor radon.
  • Cite the percentage of radiation exposure caused by indoor radon to the general public in comparison with natural and manmade sources.
  • Identify the EPA action level at which consumers are recommended to take corrective action to fix indoor radon levels.
  • Identify the carcinogenic classification of radon.
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