Chapter 1 Review & Quiz Copy

Each chapter comes with a printer friendly chapter review document. If you purchased our Exam Prep option then we have additional worksheets for you located in the exam prep. When you reach the review portion of each chapter you should find the corresponding chapter review worksheets in your Exam Prep and use those to study.

If you have chosen to take advantage of our Smart Notebook, the review section of each chapter is the best spot to copy over the chapter reviews. The Smart Notebook automatically tags the location your note was taken so you can easily revisit it. We strongly suggest using the printable chapter review and then typing it into your notepad, instead of simply using copy and paste as your comprehension will benefit significantly.

When you’re ready take the quiz below to test your knowledge of Chapter 1. You are required to take each chapter quiz at least once prior to the final exam. The score does not affect your course total, and instead is to inform your preparedness to move on to the next chapter of the course. We encourage you take the quizzes as many times as you need until you feel comfortable moving on. You can always come back to a quiz later on and take it again if you need to check how ready you are for the final exam.