Chapter 2 Overview Copy

This chapter provides an overview of physical properties of radon and the process of changing from a stable gas to radioactive decay products.

Chapter Outline

  • Chapter 2: Radon, Radiation, and Radioactivity
    • Radon Physics
      • Elements
      • Atomic Structure
    • Ionizing Radiation
      • Unstable Atoms
      • Radiation
      • Types of Radiation
    • Radioactive Decay
      • Radon Gas vs Radon Decay Products
      • Half-Life
      • Uranium Decay Chain
      • Radon Half Life Progression
    • Measurement Units
      • Radon Gas
      • Radon Decay Products
      • Factors that Affect the Ability to Measure Radon
      • Summary of Progression of Indoor Radon

Chapter Learning Objectives

  • Describe the components of an atom and the atomic structure
  • Define the basic characteristics of radon
  • Explain the concepts of ionization and ionizing radiation
  • Cite three different types of ionizing radiation
  • Identify the most damaging type of radiation to human tissue
  • Cite the primary elements of the radon decay chain
  • Summarize the difference between radon and radon decay products
  • Identify the measurement units of radon and RDPs
  • Identify the half-life of radon
  • Explain the concept of Working Level
  • Explain the concept of Dynamic Equilibrium
  • Be able to calculate equilibrium ratio based on the standard formulas
  • List the Chemical Properties of Radon
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