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Radon 401: Mitigation Specialist Course + Online Exam Prep

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Take a long weekend and study independently, Online when convenient for you!

Qualifies for the NRPP Mitigation Specialist Exam – HHEC-4000


Learn the fundamentals of radon mitigation in preparation for the NRPP Mitigation Certification exam.

  1. History & Health Risks of Radon
  2. Basic Radon Science
  3. How Radon Enters the Home and Interacts with the Indoor Environment
  4. Basic Principles of Radon Measurement for Mitigation Contractors
  5. QA/QC, Reports, and Documentation for Radon Mitigation Contractors
  6. Fundamentals of Radon Mitigation
    • Fan Sizing
    • Design & Installation
    • Methods & Techniques
  7. Safety for Radon Contractors
  8. National Standards

Important Notes:

  • The course satisfies the NRPP radon education requirement for the Mitigation Specialist certification – HHEC 4000.

Enrollment Includes:

  • Online exam prep modules.