Definition of Mitigation System

The basic criteria for mitigation systems in Illinois are the following:

  1. Effective in reducing radon
    • ALARA – As Low as Reasonably Achievable
  2. Permanent, unobtrusive, and quiet
  3. Durable and capable of indicating system failure
  4. Economical to install, operate, and maintain
  5. A system function indicator
  6. A primary suction point independent of the sump pit
  7. Sump covers with observation ports
  8. Exhaust above the highest eave and away from vents, windows and other areas of possible re-entry into the home.

The Two Approaches to Mitigating Radon

  • Passive System
    • Relies on convective airflows to vent radon naturally without the power of a fan.
  • Active System
    • Relies on ventilation powered by a fan to draw radon from under the home to the outside.