Device Placement – Protocols

In order to prevent tampering, we first must quickly review the device placement procedures and protocols.

Devices must be placed according to the following protocols:

  • Regularly Occupied Room
  • 3’ from exterior doors, windows, vents
  • Out of the direct flow of vents
  • Out of the direct sunlight
  • 1’ from exterior walls
  • 20” – 8’ feet from floor [Illinois = 20” to 6’]
  • 7’ + from sump pits, mechanicals
  • 4” from other objects horizontally or vertically above the detector
  • One test location per 2000 square feet of OPEN space in area tested 20’ from ceiling fans, dehumidifiers/humidifiers, portable air filters, air circulating devices

When scheduling a measurement, test in full diurnal cycles when possible. A Diurnal cycle is a pattern that recurs every 24 hours as a result of one full rotation of the Earth.

Testing in full 24-hour diurnal cycles brings a more accurate distribution of nighttime versus daytime readings. 

Too much of one or the other can falsely skew the overall reading.  This doesn’t make a difference in very low or very high readings.  However, when the readings are ‘marginal’ (3 pCi/L to 6 pCi/L) the imbalance of adding more daytime versus nighttime or vice versa can cost a seller thousands in unnecessary mitigation or cost a buyer the false sense of health safety.