Entry Routes and Sealing Requirement for Active Systems

  • Installed prior to June 1, 2013
  • Potential entry routes should be cleaned, prepared and sealed in a permanent, air-tight manner using compatible caulks or other sealants. For example:
  • Radon vent pipe penetrations of the slab
  • Foundation walls, stress joints
  • Seams in crawlspace soil gas retarder membrane
  • Plumbing, electrical and other utility chases

Blocking Potential Entry Routes 

  • Joints, cracks or other openings around all penetrations of both exterior and interior surfaces of masonry block or wood foundation walls below the ground surface must be filled with polyurethane caulk or equivalent sealant.
  • Penetrations of concrete walls must be filled.

Documentation of Inaccessible Areas

Openings or cracks that are determined to be inaccessible or beyond the ability of the licensee to seal should be disclosed to the client and included in the documentation.