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Management Commitment to Quality Assurance and Quality Control

The primary concern of any organization must be the quality of its products and services. In order to meet its objectives, the organization should function so that the technical, administrative, and operational factors affecting the quality of its products and services is known and is under control.  An effective quality-management system should be designed to satisfy customer needs and expectations, while serving to protect the organization’s interests (ANSI/ASQC 1994a).

A radon QAP is especially important to organizations offering multiple services within the scope of the entity (i.e. Home Inspection & Indoor Air Quality companies) in which the radon services is not the primary focus.  Radon services should never be instituted within an organization without prudent forethought to the life/health safety consequences and financial implications of the provider’s actions.  Diligent responsibility to the QAP is vital in preventing perfunctory and noncompliant testing as well as limiting liability.