Pre-Inspection Consultation


Communication is your key to preventing accidental interference and setting up the seller/owner/occupant for a realistic expectation of living under CBCs and/or the need for a 96-hour test should severe weather enter the picture. A pre-inspection consultation is required in Illinois.

  1. A signed non-interference agreement and/or verbal authorization prevents you from working for free if a retest is required due to a violation of CBCs during the test.  No authorization to comply or ensure compliance means retesting is on your dime.
  2. Communicating CBCs upon scheduling of the appointment can save you money as you can retrieve the monitor sooner if you don’t have to delay-start your monitor.

A simple conversation is the best tamper/interference detection.

  • TALK to the owner/occupant AND Realtor.
  • EDUCATE the occupants.
  • PREVENT/DETECT by using proper placement and retrieval protocol.

 You can’t complain that compliance isn’t met if you pass your responsibility to the Realtor. Ask the following questions:

  • Is the property vacant or occupied?
  • Is staging furniture present?
    • Will they need to remove the furniture during the measurement?
  • When are the sellers moving?
  • Will there be contractors doing work?
    • If so, when?