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Quality Assurance Roles and Responsibilities

Quality assurance roles and responsibilities of residential radon measurement testing companies, specialists, professionals, etc.:

  1. Employ a QA Officer
  2. Prepare, update, and maintain a QA Plan according to state or national standards.
  3. Periodically review the QA Plan of the analytical organization included in the device chain of command or analysis/reporting chain of command
  4. Conduct field background measurements as appropriate and recording the results in control charts and other relevant documentation
  5. Conduct routine and on-going measurements to assess bias according to STATE REGULATIONS OR NATIONAL STANDARDS guidelines and recording and analyzing the results
  6. Take appropriate corrective actions based on QA/QC measurements
  7. Establish and maintain a Chain-of-Custody system to document and track measurement devices including: locations, dates, clients, methods/laboratories, and results
  8. Conform to state or national requirements for conducting measurements, reporting measurement results, and providing information to clients.