32 ILAC 422.32.130(o)(1)

  • Radon Measurement Professional licensees shall return radon measurement results to the occupant, the owner of the building, his/her representatives or the client within 45 days after retrieving exposed devices. As a minimum, the measurement report shall contain:
    • A. Measurement results reported in accordance with subsection (n).
    • B. The exact start and stop dates and times of the measurement period. 
    • C. The address of the building measured, including the zip code.
    • D. A description of the measurement device used, its manufacturer, model or type, and serial numbers or other unique device identification numbers.
    • E. The names and Illinois radon license numbers of the licensees placing and retrieving the devices.
    • F. The name and Illinois license number of the laboratory analyzing the device, if applicable.
    • G. A statement describing recommendations concerning retesting or mitigation provided to the occupant, the owner of the building, his/her representatives or the client in accordance with Appendix A or B, as appropriate.
    • H. A statement of whether a mitigation system was observed in the building during placement or retrieval, including whether the mitigation system was operating.
    • I. A statement describing any observed tampering, interference or deviations from the required measurement conditions.
    • J. A description of the condition of any permanent vents that allow outdoor air into the building, such as crawlspace vents or combustion air supply to combustive appliances.
    • K. A description of any severe weather conditions.
    • L. The exact locations of all measurement devices deployed and any information that would allow for future data comparisons and interpretations.  Licensees shall provide the exact locations by one of the following methods:
      1. A scale diagram of the footprint of the building identifying the windows and doors, finished and unfinished areas, room use, furnaces, hot water heaters, dryers, combustion appliances, crawlspace vents, fireplaces, mitigation systems, floor drains and foundation types, indicating the front of the home and any other pertinent information that may affect the measurement. IEMA 32 ILLINOIS ADMINISTRATIVE CODE 422 422.130 SUBCHAPTER b      
      2. OR A copy of Appendix E for each foundation type measured.