Chapter 5 - Quality Assurance & Quality Control
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Reports to Client

Test results should be distributed to the client within 30-45 days of test completion according to your state requirements. All reports of radon results will be distributed in Complete Form at all times.

A Complete Form Report, at minimum, should include the following:

  1. Complete address of property undergoing the test process
  2. Company identification including contact information
  3. Name and credential/license number of placement & retrieval technicians
  4. Name and credential/license number of the laboratory analyzing the device (short-term only)
  5. Identification of monitor including model, serial number, test number, and last calibration date
  6. Placement time and date
  7. Retrieval time and date
  8. All valid individual measurement results should be reported and include:
  9. Measurement results reported in pCi/L to one decimal place, e.g., 4.3 pCi/L.
  10. All valid individual measurement results should be reported.
  11. When using continuous radon monitors, hourly readings should be included and made available to the client upon request for one year.
  12. Measurements made in separate locations should not be averaged.
  13. The average of co-located measurement devices should be reported, as well as the individual results.
  14. Any quality control measurements should be reported as such.
  15. Averaged radon results

Best Practice inclusions that lend for a more professional and defensible report:

  1. Signed non-interference agreement [where required]
  2. Customer name
  3. Footprint diagram including detection device location, or
  4. Exact placement location
  5. Room diagram for each device deployed.
  6. A record of quality control measures.
  7. A statement describing recommendations concerning retesting or mitigation provided to the client, the occupant, the owner of the building, or his/her representatives.
  8. A statement of whether a mitigation system was observed in the building during placement or retrieval, including whether the mitigation system was operating.
  9. A statement describing any observed tampering, interference, or deviations from the required measurement conditions.
  10. A description of any permanent vents that allow outdoor air into the building, such as crawlspace vents or combustion air supply to combustive appliances.
  11. A description of any severe weather conditions.