Required Labeling of Active System Pipes

  • Pipe labeled on each floor “Radon Reduction System”.
  • Circuit breakers for system fan and warning devices labeled “Radon Reduction System” (if necessary).
  • Mark pressure range on manometers.
  • Exterior fans and pipe labeled using weatherproof labels.
  • Mitigation Tag legible from 3′ away.


  • Typically, active systems will have a manometer similar to the one illustrated here. A simple U-tube manometer is mounted to the system vent pipe.
  • The manometer monitors the operation of the SMD or SSD depressurization system fan.
  • When the liquid levels in the legs of the manometer are uneven, a pressure differential exists, indicating correct operation of the fan and system.
  • If the manometer liquid levels are even, the fan or system is not operating properly and needs repair.

Mitigation Tag

  • Installer’s Name
  • Installer’s Phone Number
  • Installer’s License Number
  • Date of Installation
  • IEMA Tag number
    • This tag # is to be documented by measurement and mitigation licensees for all systems installed after 11-1-09.
  • Recommendation to test every 2 years.