Final Exam

This is the Final Exam to successfully complete the course. The minimum passing grade is 70%. The questions are pulled from the quizzes from the previous seven chapters. You are not required to pass the quizzes in order to take the exam, however if you have been getting low average scores on the quizzes we STRONGLY recommend going back and reviewing before attempting this Final Exam.

There are a total of 85 questions, you are given a time limit of 100 minutes, or a little over 1 minute per question.

You are given three opportunities to pass.Only the exam with the highest grade is counted. If you are unable to pass in those three attempts please contact us and we will design a study plan based on your strengths and weaknesses.

Once you start the exam you may not come back later and continue, you will be forced to submit the exam and start a new attempt. If you have technical issues and you exhaust all three of your attempts please contact us and we will assist.

Upon completion if you pass you will be able to receive your certificate immediately, you will also be shown the breakdown of your results per chapter, we suggest you screen shot or copy and paste these results into the digital notebook as they can guide you for which areas to study prior to your certification exam or what chapters to revisit if you did not pass the exam.