Monitoring Worker Radiation Exposure

Currently, there are no official monitoring procedures for non-miners.  However, the ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) principle should be followed when developing a QAP and SOP.  Diagnostic and follow-up testing is typically conducted in homes suspected of having elevated radon levels. Therefore, workers should spend the least amount of time possible in the lower levels of such homes while on the job. 

Professional licensees must establish an employee monitoring program to be included in the QAP.  The employee monitoring program should also be considered when formulating a company SOP.  Workers performing diagnostic testing or other onsite activities must participate in the employee monitoring program to determine the radon exposure and ensure compliance with maximum exposure limits.   The program must also include a Radon Exposure Tracking Record to be maintained for review by state regulators.  The tracking record requires the following documentation for each site visited:

  • Address
  • Date
  • Time
  • Employee ID
  • Job #
  • Radon Level (pCi/L)
  • Exposure Level (in hours)
  • EPA conversion to WL and WLM

The WLM must be calculated on an annual or cumulative basis and must maintain worker exposure under four (4) WLM per year.