Closed Building Conditions

Confirming closed building conditions is essential to providing an accurate measurement. Make sure to track weather conditions prior to and during measurements as changes in the weather may require you to modify your testing plan. Let’s review those closed building conditions before moving on.

  • Building closed at least 12 hours prior to test start? = Minimum 48-Hour Test
  • ALL windows/doors on ALL levels
  • HVAC system set to normal operating mode during normal business hours (67-77)
  • No structural openings due to new construction, disrepair, or structural defects
  • Central heating/cooling = OK
  • Check upper floor windows
  • Check weather forecast:
  • Normal weather? = Minimum 48-Hour Test
  • Severe weather? High winds? Torrential Rains? ¾” Hail? = Minimum 96-Hour Test
  • Tests lasting less than 96 hours:
    • No severe weather [winds over 30mph, 3/4’’ hail or excessive rain]
    • Mandatory closed building conditions observed 12-hours prior to setting the detectors