Mitigation System Compliance

Mitigation Standard vs Municipal Code

The municipal codes should take precedence, except that the municipal codes should not take precedence with regard to alterations that may adversely impact the radon reduction functions for which such systems were originally designed and may adversely impact public health and safety regarding exposure to a radioactive element. Ref 32 ILAC 422.150 (c)(I)

Non-Conforming Systems

  • When altering a mitigation system, it should be upgraded to the requirements of the most current Code. 
  • Altering radon mitigation systems does not include activities such as replacing worn out equipment or providing new filters, while leaving the remainder of the system unchanged.
  • The professional licensee should provide a written estimate of the upgrades needed and the cost to bring the system into compliance. Ref 32 ILAC 422.150 (c)(3)

Contract Requirements Between Radon Mitigation Contractors and Clients

  • In the initial contact with a client, the licensee should review any available results from previous radon measurements to assist in developing an appropriate mitigation strategy. 
  • If the radon measurement was not performed in accordance with the Code, the client should be advised that the system be brought to a compliant status and a retest is recommended after the compliance. Ref 32 ILAC 422.150 (e)(I)

Site Diagram Documentation

  • Measurement Providers
    • Mitigators must receive ALL required reporting elements to your clients. 
    • This includes site diagrams and results for all foundations.
    • New Auditing structure will be a problem for testers/mitigators not conforming.
  • Mitigation Providers
    • REQUIRED to obtain measurement results (including site diagrams) prior to estimating costs and bidding your jobs. 
    • A mitigation professional must review measurement results, including the site diagram provided by the measurement professional, to assist in developing an appropriate mitigation strategy.
    • Mitigators instructed to filing non-conformance reports to IEMA  if all foundations are not tested and complete reports (including measurement site diagrams) are not submitted to the client for their review and yours.

Legal Compliance

All radon mitigation systems and their components should be designed to comply with the laws, ordinances, codes, and regulations of relevant jurisdictional authorities, applicable to the following industries:

  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Building
  • Plumbing
  • Energy
  • Fire prevention
  • Ref 32 ILAC 422.150 (h)(1)