For times when its impractical to follow the code mitigation professionals may pursue a variance. A variance is explicit permission to deviate from the Illinois code at a specific location for a specific, justifiable reason.

Common Mitigation Variance Examples

  • The living space of the house is 2 stories but the attached garage is 1 story.  Discharging 12 inches above the eave of the garage roof is the safest (farthest from living area) and most cost effective (most unfinished basement areas are under garage) for the citizen but is not above the highest eave of the house (2nd story of living area).”
  • Pipe is discharging less than 10 feet away from a window less than 2 feet below exhaust point but the window is an upper story decorative window only that does not open. Mitigation will ensure that inside and outside of window is re-sealed properly so no possibility of re-entrainment. Not using this discharge location would add significant cost for the citizen.”